About me

Hello! My name is Pingping.

I'm an artist and designer based in Los Angeles, originally from Beijing.

I love using the body as a canvas, and why not wear your heart on your sleeve?

Art and design used to be separate for me. I worked in corporations for many years designing shoes, handbags, and I always pursued my art on the side. When I realized that I must unify my love for art and design, I found my true joy and passion. 

After I visited entire cities built with factories and tired workers who only visited their families a few days out of the year, I wanted to rewrite my story, and choose

keywords that are important to me like: love, kindness, hand crafted, care, creative, fun, unique... and to remind myself to apply them to the work I do. 

My artist website is: www.pingpingart.com

Made in LA

Everything is designed, printed and made in Los Angeles.